Brooks Koepka starting his final round.


2017 U.S. Open: Select Course Statistics

by Erin Hills

Now that the dust has settled from Wisconsin’s first U.S. Open, let’s look back at how the game’s best players fared against our glacier-shaped holes. The following are some of the more interesting hole statistics:

Easiest Hole (Championship) 18th HOLE 4.843
Hardest Hole (Championship) 3rd HOLE 4.286
6th Hardest Hole (Championship) 9th HOLE 3.130
Hardest Hole (Round 1) 6th HOLE 3.385
Hardest Hole (Round 2) 4th HOLE 4.284
Easiest Hole (Round 3) 15th HOLE 3.515
Hardest Hole (Round 4) 15th HOLE 4.515
Most Eagles (Championship) 18th HOLE 7
Most Double Bogeys or Worse (Championship) 4th and 15th HOLES 24 each

Some conclusions? The longest holes were not always the most difficult, with the medium-length 4th hole and short 9thand 15th holes more than holding  their own. The 15th is an incredibly versatile hole, as evidenced by how differently it played in Rounds 3 and 4. Also, those players really are that good; the 18th is a daunting closing hole and frequent card-wrecker for us mortals, but they made it look straightforward.