Erin Hills Pace of Play Policy

Erin Hills subscribes to a pace of play policy for all of our guests in an effort to provide an enjoyable experience for all. Our standard pace of play guidelines allows groups 4 hours and 50 minutes to complete 18 holes of golf (based on a group of four). Our goal is for you to be comfortable on the golf course and play at a pace that allows you to enjoy Erin Hills to the fullest and allows others on the course to do the same.

We team up with you to help craft your experience! Our Caddie Service and our 1st Tee Starter will help you select the proper set of tees for you before you tee off. Playing the correct tees will make your experience that much more memorable. While on the course we ask that play ready golf and simply keep up with the group. We space out our tee times to provide a comfortable round with very little waiting.

Our Professional Course Marshal team is on the course to help. We will let you or your caddie know if you have fallen out of position and we will help you get back into position. We use Tagmarshal GPS devices to track all groups for ours and your benefit and our well-trained Marshal Staff will monitor all play throughout the day. We will offer friendly encouragement and professional courtesy to all groups on the golf course.

If your group is out of position based on our pace of play chart and your distance behind the group in front of you, we will alert you as early as we can and offer suggestions as to how to get back into position. If your group remains out of position or falls further behind, we will continue to offer suggestions and other remedies until you get back into position. If your group has fallen more than one full hole out of position, for the benefit of all other players on the course, we will move you into the position on the course that you should be at that time. We will continue to help you throughout the duration of your round.

There are some unique aspects to our golf course and some exciting USGA initiatives that will help you maintain proper pace of play. Erin Hills is noted for its beautiful tall fescue native areas that you will see on every hole. Many of these areas are in-play and you may find that you have hit a ball into one of these areas. You can play the ball if you find it but there is an option if you cannot find the ball after the new prescribed 3-minute search. You may drop a ball with a two-stroke penalty near the edge of the fairway from where you think the ball came to rest not nearer the hole. In addition to this new local rule you may now putt with the flagstick in the hole! You no longer need to wait for someone to pull the flagstick or tend it which will also save you some time during your round.

We expect all players to adhere to our pace of play policy and to be willing participants in the enforcement of such policy for the benefit of all of our guests. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.  We look forward to seeing you on the course enjoying our facility!