Don Hill


Don Hill: A Friend at the 1st Tee

by Maddie Swanger

A great golf experience consists of more than a great course. In addition to the nature of the property and the design and maintenance of the course itself, the staff of a golf course plays a large role in creating the proper atmosphere for fun and golf. At Erin Hills, we embrace this fact and emphasize the warm Wisconsin hospitality that is nationally known and respected. With that in mind, one of the key staff roles is that of the starter, as this person sets the tone for the round the golfers are about to enjoy.

We are fortunate to have found just the right person for this position: Don Hill. Don was the Head Golf Professional at West Bend Country Club for 41 years. Following his career at West Bend, Don joined the Erin Hills family and has been with us for eight years. When asked, Don believes Erin Hills has a “wonderful atmosphere” and that “the people that work here are friendly and helpful and we all get along.” The largest, and most obvious, difference between West Bend Country Club and Erin Hills is the lack of members (as West Bend is a private club and Erin Hills is open to the public), a point that made his experience at West Bend starkly different from what he does every day here at Erin Hills. “I saw the same people all the time. Here I deal with new people every 12 minutes.” This significant difference makes Don that much more special, as we have guests who have been here once or twice and still ask for Don upon their return. Don will interact with our guests for 30 minutes at most, but in those few minutes he leaves an impression that contributes to each golfer’s experience here at Erin Hills.

When asked for their thoughts on Don, several of his fellow-staff members used three adjectives: passionate, personable, and experienced. These three traits are essential to the Erin Hills Way in providing the complete experience for the avid golfer. We are humbled and proud that Don would want to continue his career at Erin Hills. Our staff is like a family, and one of our main goals is to make our guests feel like they are part of the Erin Hills family. Don successfully does this by welcoming each and every golfer in his own friendly, understated way. Enjoy your time with him on your next round here!