Say Hello to the Kettle Loop

by Erin Hills

As one of the rare public-access golf courses that has overnight lodging with only 18 holes, Erin Hills has embraced this structure as it allows for a more intimate experience for guests. With no need for a shuttle ride anywhere once you arrive at Erin Hills and every bed within 150 yards of the 1st tee, Erin Hills provides a convenient setting where guests can enjoy their golf and their stay in a comfortable atmosphere.

There are times when it would be nice to play a few more holes, whether as an overnight guest arriving later in the day without enough daylight to play 9 or 18 holes or as an overnight guest who wants to spend some more time on the course before dinner. For these reasons, this year we are excited to introduce the Kettle Loop, five holes that will give the player a feel for the course but with a different perspective of each of those holes.

A quick introduction:

1st hole: A new tee has been built just steps from the gas fire pits behind the Lodge and turns this tee shot into a Cape Hole, with the classic question posed of how much of the wetland the player will attempt to bite off.

2nd hole: When played from the Gold tee, this green is often comfortably within reach, but the combination of the blind shot and the small green will make this an elusive target with interesting second shots.

3rd hole: When played from Black tee, this sturdy hole becomes a risk-reward decision for most players, with the center bunker fronting the green posing a second-shot dilemma of whether it can be carried or the player must player to one side of it.

4th hole: The new tee built in the right rough of the normal 5th hole turns provides a medium-length par 3 to the attractive green tucked against the hillside.

5th hole: When played from the Black tee of the normal 6th hole, this brute of a par 3 becomes for most of us a tempting short par 4. There is room to hit driver, but the recovery shots can be a challenge.