The Erin Hills Fescue Rescue

by Maddie Swanger

Wisconsin is known for many things: Love of the outdoors, enthusiasm for sports, delightful summers, the genuine kindness of the citizens, and, yes, beer and cheese. Often, these elements combine for memorable guest experiences.

Here at Erin Hills, we have created our own very personal relationship with refreshments. In the Food and Beverage department, Quentin Watson, Group Sales Manager and Sommelier at Erin Hills, has concocted a beverage with the ability to alleviate the bruised egos and scorecards of any and all players with the Fescue Rescue. This rejuvenating blend of equal parts ginger beer and lemonade, a shot of Jameson’s whiskey, and a fresh lemon offers a cool and refreshing way to reflect on the day’s round after a warm Midwest summer’s day.

Its very name insinuates its purpose. This drink will quench your thirst after an exhilarating round of golf here at Erin Hills. While the tall fescue on the course aims to test you physically and mentally, this drink sits waiting for you on the back patio of the clubhouse, or by the fire pits behind the lodge to help you relax and unwind. At Erin Hills we want the full experience to be exceptional, and the Fescue Rescue provides a customized way to complement the experience on the course with the offerings off the course.

A recipe to the Rescue
Pint glass, ice
2 oz. Jameson
2 oz. Ginger Beer
2 oz. Lemonade
Slice of lemon