Toptracer Range Handheld


Trace Shots Like a Professional at Erin Hills

by Steve Pease

Toptracer Range Handheld technology debuts at Erin Hills

The mesmerizing Toptracer technology you’ve seen on screen during professional events can now be found on the range at Erin Hills.

For the first time on a championship golf course, Toptracer Range Handheld is available for use at Erin Hills. Its technology uses high speed cameras, coupled with a sophisticated computer algorithm, to provide instantaneous ball-tracking information via the Toptracer Range Handheld app to golfers using the designated section of our practice tee.

The app’s features include the ability to measure Total Distance, Carry, Ball Speed, Launch Angle and Curve. The introduction of the handheld version of Toptracer Range will provide another complimentary amenity for golfers at Erin Hills to use before or after their round.

“Erin Hills is excited to feature Toptracer Range, which will appeal to all skill levels of avid golfers who play here,” said Jim Lombardo, the Head Golf Professional at Erin Hills. “Before the round, a player can get a feel for how he or she is striking the ball that day, which could help their game on the course. After the round, a player can fine tune his or her game with some technical information that the player may not have seen before. In that regard, Toptracer Range nicely complements our other post-golf amenities, including the new Drumlin putting course, the Kettle Loop, games on our extensive Short Game Area, and the ability to “crash the Caddie Barn” after dinner.”

Founded in 2006, over 150 professional golf events on the highest level worldwide use Toptracer including all four major championships, the Ryder Cup and the Re/Max World Long Drive Championship.

Download the app on iTunes and Google Play before your next round at Erin Hills and warm up with a level of insight, and fun, you’ve never experienced before.

Give it a try before or after your next round at Erin Hills!