Fescue Rescue

The best players and teachers will tell you golf is about balance. Erin Hills’ bartenders would agree.

With the simple phrase “Fescue Rescue, please” you’ll be set up with an Erin Hills original that perfectly soothes the sting of an errant drive and calloused hands by blending equal parts Jameson, ginger beer and lemonade. If a better summer drink has been created, please let us know — and be prepared to make a strong case.

Often imitated, never recreated (though you’re encouraged to try), the Erin Hills Fescue Rescue may be the closest thing we have to a signature drink — one that’s absolutely meant to be held in one hand while you sign your card in another.

Rarely can the answer to your game’s woes be found at the bottom of a glass. But in the case of a Fescue Rescue at Erin Hills, it just may be worth a try.


  • Pour 2 oz. of Jameson Irish Whiskey into a glass filled with ice.
  • Add equal parts ginger beer and lemonade
  • Top it off with a fresh slice of lemon.