Erin Hills is a traditional walking-only course. Use one of our professional caddies to help you read the green, manage your golf equipment, and advise on hole difficulty, distance & club use. The Erin Hills caddie staff consists of males and females from Wisconsin and other parts of the United States, with many caddying during the winter at prominent clubs in the southern part of the country. Each Erin Hills caddie is trained thoroughly on the course to know the holes and their strategies and to provide invaluable insight, from the best line off each tee to club selection to reading putts. With their hustle, sincere personalities, and course knowledge, our caddies play an integral role in the overall experience at Erin Hills.

With more than 150 caddies, Erin Hills will field one of the finest caddie programs in the country. Our personable caddies experience top-tier training and offer a wealth of on-course knowledge.

Caddie Fee Structure for 2022

Standard, Double-Bag Caddie: Service Fee: $55 per player. Can be switched to single bag at caddie department discretion. Recommended gratuity: $75 and up per player, based on level of service.

Premium, Single-Bag Caddie (By request 72 hours before round): Service fee: $55. Recommended gratuity: $125 per player, based on level of service.

Forecaddie Fee: $55 per group (can be split per player in golf shop). Recommended Gratuity: $35 and up, based upon level of service (per player).

Please note: All Caddie Service Fees are paid for before your round in the Golf Shop. All recommended gratuities are paid directly to the caddie at the end of the round.

If anyone has any doubt about the level of golf expertise we offer… our caddies are very accomplished golfers in their own right. We have State Open and State Amateur Champs. We have caddies who play in U.S. Open Qualifying tournaments.

Justin Kordus, Erin Hills Caddie Manager