The Erin Hills Journal

This biannual digital publication is intended to introduce Erin Hills to those who have not visited here and also provide updates and insights to those who regularly include us in their golf plans.

While Erin Hills is enthusiastically and unabashedly a place for golf and golfers, this magazine will focus on more than just the game that we all love. We will explore other aspects that contribute to an experience that is uniquely Erin Hills. After all, that is our goal for each guest: to have a memorable time while on property, on or off the golf course.

Issue 13

In the following pages, we have opened our Journal to allow some of our most recent writers, photographers, videographers and drone specialists to share their moment(s) that have meant the most to them during their time at Erin Hills.

From icons to Nikons, these are their moments. What are yours?

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Issue 12

In this, the 12th edition of our Journal, you will find a little bit of the beefy braun that comprises Erin Hills. And dive a bit deeper on the players who called it home for four days or more.

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Issue 11

Listen… to your caddie.

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Issue 10

A formidable but thoroughly enjoyable test for amateurs and professionals alike

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Issue 9

See inside Issue 9 of the Erin Hills Journal to get to the bottom of our 138 bunkers.

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Issue 8

See inside Issue 8 of the Erin Hills Journal to get a sense of what it’s like to play (and win) a Mid-Am.

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Issue 7

There’s no better way to enhance your on-course experience at Erin Hills than to take a caddie. And there’s no better way to increase your chances of play well than to heed their advice. In this, the 7th edition of our Erin Hills Journal, the caddies themselves reveal the secrets to playing (and enjoying) our course to its fullest.

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Issue 6

Of course, can we go with: No other game can boast a home field that dates back some 10,000 years. Now that, you could say, is old school. Read the latest Erin Hills Journal.

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Issue 5

In this issue of Erin Hills Journal, you’ll find how the connections to the game’s Auld Grey genesis in Scotland have wound their way — in some grand facsimile — to Erin Hills. And how the modern game continues to advance with bright stars, burgeoning players and a new breed of stewards pushing its limits.

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Issue 4

The health, economic and social challenges of recent months have affected all of us in a variety of ways, but our ancient game that can’t be confined indoors has provided a much needed haven and release. As courses opened and grass began to green, bunker rakes disappeared and unusual objects appeared in holes. It was, and remains, a trying time, but golf has returned. For so many reasons, thank goodness.

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Issue 3

It’s not really up for debate: In this modern age, the ancient game is best played on two feet, rather than four wheels. And certainly it’s the time walking between shots that means just as much as the moments spent striking the ball. In between shots lies anticipation — the state of your lie, the swirl of the wind, the obstacles of the course. While the dimpled sphere connects for less than a minute all-told with the clubface in a round, the soles of your feet find the earth continually over a round.

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Issue 2

The season favored by Midwest golfers when blue skies, green fairways, and longer days — conditions we dream about in January — becomes a reality. It’s also the season when we can’t seem to get enough of golf, on or off the course. Our goal in publishing the Erin Hills Journal is to satisfy that desire for more. More exclusive insights. More ways to play. More fun.

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Issue 1

The 2019 season promises to be an especially exciting one. The energy level is elevated even before our May 6 opening date with the recent announcement regarding the 2022 U.S. Mid-Amateur and 2025 U.S. Women’s Open Championships. The announcement gives Erin Hills the distinction of being selected to host five different USGA championships in just 17 years.

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