Village Life at Erin Hills

There are golf courses, golf clubs, and golf resorts. Erin Hills is unique with the best descriptor being “village,” the sort of place you’d love to stumble upon during a bucket-list trip to Ireland. Time for a tour of the walkable hamlet known as Erin Hills.

Walking Paths by Design

Walking paths have been laid out in a way that invites guests to see what’s around the next bend. Best of all, once out of your car, there’s no need to get back in again for as long as you’re here. The village is so intimate that there is no need for shuttles. The Lodge is just steps from the 1st tee, while each bed in the cottages is within a pitch shot of the opening hole.

Lodging, Gatherings, and Camaraderie

The homes in quaint Irish villages are never cookie-cutter and so it goes at Erin Hills. The Lodge has the rustic appeal of a favorite Irish country inn, while the four-bedroom, four-bathroom cottages provide a luxurious and comfortable retreat.

Colleagues to golf buddies can be found enjoying a meal in front of the Clubhouse fireplace, taking to the Terrace fire pits for an after-dinner drink, closing out the day with a game of cards in the Irish Pub, or meeting for a lively game of ping pong in the Caddie Barn.

With all these necessities and niceties, it’s the people of Erin Hills who will make your visit memorable. Like a local bartender, whom you’ll find behind the bar concocting your favorite cocktail or a Golf Shop attendant offering personalized suggestions for the latest golf gear. And your Group manager, who attends to every detail, whether your group is visiting for the first time or its annual get-together.

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